Museum Of Ice Cream

Last Monday, I experienced one of the sweetest museum outings of my life when I visited the Museum of Ice Cream, a pop-up museum across from the Whitney in New York’s meatpacking district. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the museum’s website in mid July and bought my tickets prior to the overwhelming hype and inevitable sell out. One of the biggest selling points of the museum, that is most likely responsible for the sell out, was the installation of a swimmable pool of rainbow sprinkles, aka a dream come true although they were inedible.

For the occasion, I thought it would be fitting to wear a t-shirt covered in...SPRINKLES!!! Although I had ordered it 2 months before buying tickets and wasn’t even aware that the Museum of Ice Cream would exist, manufacturing/shipping issues had delayed the arrival of the shirt until the day before I left for New York. The shirt is made by Beloved, a company with really hilarious and novelty prints but from what I’ve read and experienced, less than desirable shipping times. The customer service person who helped me track down my shirt and get it to my door was wonderful though! Thank you Anna!! All in all, everything worked out as my t-shirt was a big hit at the museum!  

Aside from the sprinkle pool, there were other really cool things to see and consume, including edible balloons filled with helium, and a “miracle berry” that blocks sour receptors on your tongue, thus making sour things like a lemon, taste sweet! The museum is not really meant to be an educational experience on ice cream like a typical museum, but rather is meant to enrich your soul by bringing to life childhood fantasies as if you’re touring Willy Wonka’s Factory and you’ll definitely come away with a lot of Insta-worthy photo ops. Hopefully they’ll be able to extend the time frame of the museum (it ends August 31) so that more people can experience its joys, but if you were lucky enough to get tickets, I hope your trip is sweeter than the 11,000 pounds of sprinkles it would take to fill the pool!