Orange You Feeling Tropical?

Are you ready to get away on a tropical vacation? I know I am!!! Even though I may not have a plane ticket or a trip planned, I do have my closet! I decided to create looks inspired by a tropical getaway so at least my mind could travel while I focus on life post graduation. 

The looks are relaxed and playful with a bold color palette and graphic patterns. The look on the right pairs an over sized Hawaiian inspired shirt/dress with an orange blazer. The two pieces are polar opposites based on the fact that one is the epitome of relaxation and the other is associated with work or structure. Together they complement each other to create an effortlessly put together look. 

Another easy way to create an interesting outfit is by mixing patterns that have a similar color palette and are similar in size, which is what I did in the outfit on the left.  Since the pattern in the pants carries the same orange hue in the top, the look reads as cool instead of crazy. You can also add interest by wearing a bold lip color.