After being on hiatus for the past couple weeks to focus on finishing school, I’m finally able to get back to this labor of love. Stepping away from the blog gifted me the time to really consider the direction I want to take Pretty Bold, and how to create a representational platform for not just my style, but also my voice. The first two months served as a test run, and now I am ready to devote my energy into making it the best it can possibly be!

The essence of Pretty Bold is full of creativity and lots of color, so those are the attributes that I wanted to capture in my first post back. This is the look that I wore for my senior thesis exhibition reception. As soon as I saw this skirt on ASOS I knew that it would be perfect for the reception because it complimented the aesthetics of my art. 

Originally I had planned to wear a plain white blouse with the skirt, but magic happened when I threw on the yellow one for fun. The colors vibrated off of each other, and I knew I could no longer take the safe route. I topped of the look with these unbelievably fun Steve Madden shoes, which capture my love of color and fringe rolled into one. 

Let me know what you think of the new look and new direction! Hope you enjoy!