Thrift Store Trend

Taking it back to the decade of my childhood in today’s post! Welcome to my modern version of the 90’s! It’s no surprise that 90’s trends have been everywhere for the past couple years and they are probably here to stay. Afterall, what beats and effortlessly cool comfortable style that is also affordable!?

Now of course there are high end looks inspired by the 90’s that have ridiculous price tags, but the great thing is you don’t have to buy them to be on trend! Thrift stores are the perfect place to score authentic (and awesome!) 90’s pieces for your wardrobe. The proof is in this awesome Reebok windbreaker that I scored for 5 bucks! They honestly don’t make patterns like these anymore!

To finish off my look, I wore my high waisted ASOS jeans from last week’s posts and a crop top, also from ASOS, that I purchased a couple years ago. And there you have it, my carefree 90’s inspired look is complete!