Shoulder Show

Continuing on with my rant from Monday about how great these jeans are, I can’t stress enough how great the color is. It really is the perfect denim color for spring and summer. This look is essentially my ideal spring attire. It’s casual yet still put together and polished because of the subtle color matching between the top and clutch.

The off the shoulder top is such a big trend right now and I’m super happy about it. I’ve never worn off the shoulder tops like this one from Zara before because I was worried about the functionality, especially when thinking about the mobility of my arms and whether that would be limited. I am happy to report that my arm mobility was not dramatically affected in this top.

What’s great about the spring is that you can really play with layering in looks because of the moderate temperatures. This light jacket from Anthropologie is a great wardrobe staple because it can be layered over many different options. I like this specific jacket because it has a lot of beautifully subtle details like the lace lining on the collar and the way it drapes on the body. I feel like these details make it a little different from every other army green jacket that exists. However, what’s great about a jacket like this is that it is such a timeless piece of clothing so it’s good to consider investing in one if you haven’t already. I’ve definitely worn mine to the point of getting my money’s worth!