Colorfully Casual

Keeping it rather casual today on the blog and testing out my new jeans! Unfortunately being a painter, I tend to get paint on every article of clothing I have, even if I’m not wearing it while working. Many times it’s not that noticeable, however over spring break one of my favorite pairs of jeans fell victim to some white house paint. I’ll still wear them because now they have a bit of character which some people would probably pay a lot of money for, however I love the look of clean simple denim so I set out on an internet journey to find a good, affordable pair.

I was drawn to this particular pair from ASOS because they’re high waisted. I love a good high waist style in skirts and shorts, but haven’t really explored it in jean form. I was also drawn to the color of the denim, it is a true blue  that is perfect for spring.

The rest of my outfit consists of other ASOS purchases from both past and present. The top was a past purchase from a couple years ago. I love the cheeky humor of text as eyelashes. Also, since it’s black and white, I can wear it with almost anything. My other ASOS buy was the clutch which I purchased with the jeans. I loved the bold graphic print and thought that it would be a nice pop of color to any outfit. I look forward to accessorizing more looks with it!