Playing with Pantone Pt. 2

Here it is!  Part two of the Pantone inspired looks. This time I’ve opted for a Rose Quartz background while wearing Serenity hued clothing. The end result was a flirty feminine image that is perfect for the warm weather!  

The look features mostly recent purchases from Zara, with the exception of the shoes which were from DSW many years ago. This look is really fun because of the unexpected details in the clothing. For instance, the fact that the skirt is a faux blue leather instead of a denim, and the fact that the pocket on the shirt is denim, and not just a regular denim, but a polka-dotted denim! I believe it’s little details like this that make an outfit interesting, and sets it apart from just another top and skirt outfit for spring.

To contrast all of the blue, I opted for a soft pink makeup look. Colourpop’s ultra matte lip in “Clueless” is the perfect pink shade because it has enough color for it to pop, but is not overpowering so that it can function as an everyday nude. It is one of those colors that would go with anything. Also, the pink lip in conjunction with the blue details was my way of integrating both Colors of the Year into one outfit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this two part post! Keep an eye out for Rose Quartz and Serenity the rest of the year, I have no doubt they’ll be appearing on the blog again!