Museum Of Ice Cream

Last Monday, I experienced one of the sweetest museum outings of my life when I visited the Museum of Ice Cream, a pop-up museum across from the Whitney in New York’s meatpacking district. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the museum’s website in mid July and bought my tickets prior to the overwhelming hype and inevitable sell out. One of the biggest selling points of the museum, that is most likely responsible for the sell out, was the installation of a swimmable pool of rainbow sprinkles, aka a dream come true although they were inedible.

For the occasion, I thought it would be fitting to wear a t-shirt covered in...SPRINKLES!!! Although I had ordered it 2 months before buying tickets and wasn’t even aware that the Museum of Ice Cream would exist, manufacturing/shipping issues had delayed the arrival of the shirt until the day before I left for New York. The shirt is made by Beloved, a company with really hilarious and novelty prints but from what I’ve read and experienced, less than desirable shipping times. The customer service person who helped me track down my shirt and get it to my door was wonderful though! Thank you Anna!! All in all, everything worked out as my t-shirt was a big hit at the museum!  

Aside from the sprinkle pool, there were other really cool things to see and consume, including edible balloons filled with helium, and a “miracle berry” that blocks sour receptors on your tongue, thus making sour things like a lemon, taste sweet! The museum is not really meant to be an educational experience on ice cream like a typical museum, but rather is meant to enrich your soul by bringing to life childhood fantasies as if you’re touring Willy Wonka’s Factory and you’ll definitely come away with a lot of Insta-worthy photo ops. Hopefully they’ll be able to extend the time frame of the museum (it ends August 31) so that more people can experience its joys, but if you were lucky enough to get tickets, I hope your trip is sweeter than the 11,000 pounds of sprinkles it would take to fill the pool!

Mix and Match

Recently I went shopping with my mom and we scored some amazing deals, the motto of the day became bargain or bust! Among our finds were the magenta button down top from The Limited, and fuchsia shorts from Bebe. Since these two pieces were so close in color, I decided to have some fun mixing and matching them for today's post.

When paired together, the top and shorts read as a super cute romper, even though they are separates. Pairing two similarly colored pieces together is a good way to fake the look of a romper without the hassle.

The shorts were by far, the best bargain of the day. Originally priced at $80, but I only paid $15!!! Thank you Bebe! I paired them with a navy blue, hawaiian printed, button down shirt.

I then paired the top with my tropical palm print skirt from Francesca’s, featured on the blog a couple weeks back. I love the color palette the magenta and kelly green created because it is perfect for summer!

Orange You Feeling Tropical?

Are you ready to get away on a tropical vacation? I know I am!!! Even though I may not have a plane ticket or a trip planned, I do have my closet! I decided to create looks inspired by a tropical getaway so at least my mind could travel while I focus on life post graduation. 

The looks are relaxed and playful with a bold color palette and graphic patterns. The look on the right pairs an over sized Hawaiian inspired shirt/dress with an orange blazer. The two pieces are polar opposites based on the fact that one is the epitome of relaxation and the other is associated with work or structure. Together they complement each other to create an effortlessly put together look. 

Another easy way to create an interesting outfit is by mixing patterns that have a similar color palette and are similar in size, which is what I did in the outfit on the left.  Since the pattern in the pants carries the same orange hue in the top, the look reads as cool instead of crazy. You can also add interest by wearing a bold lip color.  


An easy way to make a bold statement this summer is to explore the trend of the long top. I first remember seeing this trend pop up on the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet when Emma Watson sported a red dress/top hybrid with fitted black dress pants. Since then, long tops have been cropping up in a multitude of styles and silhouettes

My top featured in today’s look is from ASOS, (of course!). The long flowing panels make any movement feel graceful and elegant. Whenever I walk I feel like I can take flight.

Since the top is such a statement piece, it wouldn’t take much to complete your outfit. Today I opted to add some statement accessories for maximum impact.


After being on hiatus for the past couple weeks to focus on finishing school, I’m finally able to get back to this labor of love. Stepping away from the blog gifted me the time to really consider the direction I want to take Pretty Bold, and how to create a representational platform for not just my style, but also my voice. The first two months served as a test run, and now I am ready to devote my energy into making it the best it can possibly be!

The essence of Pretty Bold is full of creativity and lots of color, so those are the attributes that I wanted to capture in my first post back. This is the look that I wore for my senior thesis exhibition reception. As soon as I saw this skirt on ASOS I knew that it would be perfect for the reception because it complimented the aesthetics of my art. 

Originally I had planned to wear a plain white blouse with the skirt, but magic happened when I threw on the yellow one for fun. The colors vibrated off of each other, and I knew I could no longer take the safe route. I topped of the look with these unbelievably fun Steve Madden shoes, which capture my love of color and fringe rolled into one. 

Let me know what you think of the new look and new direction! Hope you enjoy!  

Overall Overhaul

Wow! This week has been so crazy and I could not be more happy that today is Friday!!!! With all of the work that had to be done this week, what is more suiting than a post about overalls today! To me, nothing says “I’m ready to work” like strapping on a pair. However for this post, I opted to dress mine, from Zara, up a bit.

I like the idea of taking an article clothing that is so often used for casual wear and dressing it up, for an unexpected look. I found that the easiest way to think about how to dress up the overalls, was to think of them like a jumpsuit. The fact that mine are black also helps with making them feel more formal.

Underneath my overalls, I’m wearing a crop top from ASOS that I’ve had for a couple years not. I love it because it has so many different textures including an embossed velvety material and mesh. It is one of my go to crop tops and I actually was wearing it in Wednesday’s post. I then accessorized the look with a great beaded clutch and black heels. Overall the look is dressy, but also maintains a cool edge which is inherent in the overalls themselves.

Thrift Store Trend

Taking it back to the decade of my childhood in today’s post! Welcome to my modern version of the 90’s! It’s no surprise that 90’s trends have been everywhere for the past couple years and they are probably here to stay. Afterall, what beats and effortlessly cool comfortable style that is also affordable!?

Now of course there are high end looks inspired by the 90’s that have ridiculous price tags, but the great thing is you don’t have to buy them to be on trend! Thrift stores are the perfect place to score authentic (and awesome!) 90’s pieces for your wardrobe. The proof is in this awesome Reebok windbreaker that I scored for 5 bucks! They honestly don’t make patterns like these anymore!

To finish off my look, I wore my high waisted ASOS jeans from last week’s posts and a crop top, also from ASOS, that I purchased a couple years ago. And there you have it, my carefree 90’s inspired look is complete!

Casual Sparkle

Who says a girl can’t casually wear sequins on a regular weekday afternoon? Not me! I like to wear sequins any chance I get and this top is the perfect way to integrate the traditionally dressy nightlife material into a casual daytime look.

What I love about the top is it’s loose fit and stripe pattern. It is playing off of the wardrobe staple of a striped t-shirt, and elevating it by altering the material. The relationship to the iconic tee is why these sequins are totally acceptable for the daytime. To play off of the causal tee, I paired the top with jeans and some gray booties.

These  Crown Vintage booties are my latest obsession and newest closet edition! I bought them on Saturday night at DSW and could not be happier! They were also 30% off!!!! They are a great alternative to sneakers and can easily be dressed up or dressed down, just like the top! I also love the gray color because gray is such a versatile neutral. I know it may sound redundant, after all, aren’t all neutrals versatile? However there are some colors that just don’t look good with brown or beige whereas with a warm gray I feel like the possibilities are endless.

Pretty in Pink

Today I'm feeling pretty in a little bit of pink with this dress from Tobi. I love the how intense the pink details are on the dress, it makes it feel less girly and more modern. Not that I have a problem with girly things, however it's nice to see the color used in unexpected ways. The simplicity of the dress is also really beautiful. There are endless ways it could be styled depending on the look you want to achieve. 

I chose to style the look with my black boots, which have been featured a couple times on the blog now. I feel like they added a little bit of edge to the overall Barbie aesthetic. 

Lastly, for hair and makeup I opted for a half up half down style with a silver smokey eye. This combo made the look a bit more dressy. 

Shoulder Show

Continuing on with my rant from Monday about how great these jeans are, I can’t stress enough how great the color is. It really is the perfect denim color for spring and summer. This look is essentially my ideal spring attire. It’s casual yet still put together and polished because of the subtle color matching between the top and clutch.

The off the shoulder top is such a big trend right now and I’m super happy about it. I’ve never worn off the shoulder tops like this one from Zara before because I was worried about the functionality, especially when thinking about the mobility of my arms and whether that would be limited. I am happy to report that my arm mobility was not dramatically affected in this top.

What’s great about the spring is that you can really play with layering in looks because of the moderate temperatures. This light jacket from Anthropologie is a great wardrobe staple because it can be layered over many different options. I like this specific jacket because it has a lot of beautifully subtle details like the lace lining on the collar and the way it drapes on the body. I feel like these details make it a little different from every other army green jacket that exists. However, what’s great about a jacket like this is that it is such a timeless piece of clothing so it’s good to consider investing in one if you haven’t already. I’ve definitely worn mine to the point of getting my money’s worth!

Colorfully Casual

Keeping it rather casual today on the blog and testing out my new jeans! Unfortunately being a painter, I tend to get paint on every article of clothing I have, even if I’m not wearing it while working. Many times it’s not that noticeable, however over spring break one of my favorite pairs of jeans fell victim to some white house paint. I’ll still wear them because now they have a bit of character which some people would probably pay a lot of money for, however I love the look of clean simple denim so I set out on an internet journey to find a good, affordable pair.

I was drawn to this particular pair from ASOS because they’re high waisted. I love a good high waist style in skirts and shorts, but haven’t really explored it in jean form. I was also drawn to the color of the denim, it is a true blue  that is perfect for spring.

The rest of my outfit consists of other ASOS purchases from both past and present. The top was a past purchase from a couple years ago. I love the cheeky humor of text as eyelashes. Also, since it’s black and white, I can wear it with almost anything. My other ASOS buy was the clutch which I purchased with the jeans. I loved the bold graphic print and thought that it would be a nice pop of color to any outfit. I look forward to accessorizing more looks with it!   

Playing with Pantone Pt. 2

Here it is!  Part two of the Pantone inspired looks. This time I’ve opted for a Rose Quartz background while wearing Serenity hued clothing. The end result was a flirty feminine image that is perfect for the warm weather!  

The look features mostly recent purchases from Zara, with the exception of the shoes which were from DSW many years ago. This look is really fun because of the unexpected details in the clothing. For instance, the fact that the skirt is a faux blue leather instead of a denim, and the fact that the pocket on the shirt is denim, and not just a regular denim, but a polka-dotted denim! I believe it’s little details like this that make an outfit interesting, and sets it apart from just another top and skirt outfit for spring.

To contrast all of the blue, I opted for a soft pink makeup look. Colourpop’s ultra matte lip in “Clueless” is the perfect pink shade because it has enough color for it to pop, but is not overpowering so that it can function as an everyday nude. It is one of those colors that would go with anything. Also, the pink lip in conjunction with the blue details was my way of integrating both Colors of the Year into one outfit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this two part post! Keep an eye out for Rose Quartz and Serenity the rest of the year, I have no doubt they’ll be appearing on the blog again!


Playing with Pantone Pt. 1

I have a deep love for color, so to me, Pantone is the holy grail of color companies. I honestly live for the color of the year announcement every December as nerdy as it sounds, because I love to see the way the chosen color (or colors) transcend into every aspect of fashion and design. It’s really amazing to see how fast it pops up in every major brand throughout the year. The rest of this week’s posts will feature the Pantone Color of the Year for 2016. Since there are TWO colors this year, “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” the post will be broken up into two parts. The fact that two colors were chosen caused some outrage among other color lovers, however they work surprisingly well together so I support this new decision fully.

For the first look, I’m wearing a pale pink maxi dress from Zara, that is reminiscent of the “Rose Quartz” hue. Fun fact about this dress, I bought it over the summer, before the color was announced! It was definitely a great purchase, and a lucky one at that. Underneath I am wearing a “Serenity”-esque bralette from Aerie. What’s great about these colors is they are perfect for spring! I imagine you’ll be seeing them even more this season if you haven’t picked up on them yet.

Accessory wise, I wanted to play off of last year’s Color of the Year, Marsala, which was a beautifully deep wine hue. So I paired my flowing maxi with a wine colored shoulder bag, which was another one of my recent purchases from Francesca’s. Lastly I’m wearing some gold strappy sandals, which are probably nearing the end of their wearable lives, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them just yet. I think I’ve had them since 8th grade, which is pretty absurd, but it also speaks to their durability. I can’t even remember where I got them. However, when I do upgrade, I’ll be sure to share!

Stay tuned for Friday to see my other Pantone inspired look!

Palm Spring

I was a Francesca’s this weekend and they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale on everything in the store! I found some pretty awesome pieces that will surely be featured in the coming weeks. One of my purchases was this palm leaf printed skirt. When I tried it on, I immediately thought about how great it would look in front of a crisp green background for the blog because naturally everything I think about recently revolves around this labor of love.

I love this skirt because of its vintage flare. It’s modest because of the A-line structure and knee length hem, but it is also super fun because of the print. I wanted to play up the vintage charm in the rest of the outfit, so I paired it with a button down chambray top, an iridescent pair of kitten heels, and a beautiful, sparkly brooch instead of a necklace.

I finished the look with some pink earrings, a braided top knot, and the perfect pink lipstick guessed it! Colourpop! This shade is one of their lippie stix, “Wifey”. I find it to be the perfect pink for spring because of it’s lighter, pastel hue. Overall, the look is quirky, fun, and ready for spring and despite the recent flurry of snow, so am I!     

Spring Fever

Spring has sprung two days early today on the blog! Despite talk of snow this Sunday in the Jersey area, I’ve been enjoying the warm weather we’ve been blessed with these past two weeks. To celebrate the arrival of spring, I decided to do a very yellow shoot.

My dress is actually a dress I wore  for my high school graduation, but has since been in my closet rotation for the past couple years. What I love most about it is the color. It is a true primary yellow, not too green, not too orange, and I find that makes it super wearable because who doesn’t love a good yellow!

The dress also has a beautiful keyhole back which is a nice surprise when you turn around. As you walk away from people they’ll surely remember you. From the front to the back, this dress definitely makes an impact and is perfect for any spring event.

Graphic Design

Things are getting graphic in today’s blog post! I’ve had the concept for this shoot in my head for quite some time now and finally I had the time to do it! I loved the idea of contrasting the linear black and white pattern on the romper from ASOS with a more organic black and white patterned background thus creating a sort of camouflage effect.

The romper definitely has a 60’s vibe to it which I love. Not only does the pattern emphasize the 60’s feel, but the white peter pan style collar adds to it as well. I decided to wear my ASOS over the knee boots to keep the 60’s theme going.

Lastly, I swiped some of my Colourpop “Poppin” lippie stix on for a pop of color. The end result of the whole shoot became reminiscent of a Bridget Riley Op Art painting, which perfectly captures the 60’s essence.

Yonce's the Word


Yoncé’s the word today on the blog! “Don’t Worry Be Yonce” is one of my favorite shirts of all  time. I received it as a gift for my birthday last year and I’ve been wearing it ever since. Since it’s just black letters on a white background it can literally be worn with anything. The shirt’s simplicity is part of the reason I’m constantly wearing it. The other reason is simply because I live Beyoncé.

Clearly I was inspired by Beyoncé for this look, and paired my shirt with sequin pants I got awhile back from Urban Outfitters. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never met a sequin I didn’t like. These pants are especially great because they are lined with a soft jersey fabric so they are super comfortable to wear. It almost feels like you’re wearing sweatpants, yet you have the glamour of sequins!

The makeup look for this week’s posts is really fun but also versatile. As you’ll see throughout the week, I kept the same makeup on for the three different looks that will hit the blog this week. On my lips is Colourpop’s limited edition matte x lippie stick in “Poppin”. It is an absolutely gorgeous jewel tone fuchsia color that would look good on anyone. For the rest of the look I’m wearing Colourpop’s super shock blush in “Cruel Intentions”, Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette (yes it is really made from cocoa powder and it smells delicious!!!), and lastly some false eyelashes by Kiss that I picked up from Walgreens. Hope you enjoy the look!

Not Clowning Around

I wanted to end this week of rompers with a bang! I’ve seriously been waiting to post this look all week because it’s so fun and glamorous! This ASOS  jumpsuit is such a statement piece and I absolutely love it! It was my New Year’s Eve/Birthday outfit this year and probably will be for the rest of eternity.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous after I first ordered the jumpsuit because it is such a bold piece. It could easily go into clown territory because of the loose fit, colorful horizontal stripes, and sequins. However once I put it on I was pleasantly surprised! It is both youthful and elegant as well as unexpected and that’s why I love it so much. I was able to stand out on New Year’s because while everyone else was in silver or black sequin jumpsuit I was in this work of art!

To stay warm I wore this super fuzzy coat from Zara. It also ups the glam factor because of the rich navy color and texture. The rest of look I kept really simple to let the jumpsuit shine! I wore black heels that mimicked the horizontal bands of color in the jumpsuit. Lastly I finished off the look with a chic top knot and red lips.

Simple Green

For the second romper of the week, I’m wearing a beautiful forest green number from Zara. The lace detail and slightly scalloped hemline make the outfit elegant and feminine. It’s also perfect for this unseasonably warm weather we are having this week in New Jersey! Wearing it totally puts a spring in my step as we get ready for spring!

I paired the romper with understated nude heels by BCBG  to keep the light and dainty feel. They also make my legs look super long which is always a good bonus!

Lastly, I went all out with accessories to add some interest to the otherwise simple outfit. The necklace, also from Zara, incorporates the green of the romper. I bought them at completely separate times so I really lucked out with the color matching. The rest of the jewelry consists of  simple gold pieces to keep the necklace the focal point. I also kept the makeup simple by only using mascara and gloss in keeping with the theme of simple femininity.

Fringe Fever

This week on the blog I’ll be showcasing 3 different rompers (or really 2 rompers and 1 jumpsuit) that each have their own distinct vibe. The first one up is this oxblood fringe number from ASOS. This definitely has a 70’s rockstar vibe so I wanted to enhance that feeling by adding some taupe over-the-knee boots and a long gold necklace.

This romper is a total statement piece so I decided to keep the hair and makeup pretty simple. I opted for a high pony and neutral eye makeup. Then I decided to do a little bit of color mixing and match the hue of the romper to my lipgloss.

The romper truly comes alive when it’s on the body. Any type of movement will cause the fringe to fly. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be for a night out dancing! It does have a plunging neckline so I would suggest a cute little bralette or something underneath for added support, especially in the event of wearing it out. If you do decide to wear this, I think it is safe to say that all eyes will be on you so own it!