Polka Dot Cat Eye

Do you love polka dots and want to figure out away to incorporate them into a fun, yet wearable makeup look?  Look no further because I have the look for you!  Using two of Urban Decay's Razor Sharp water-resistant eyeliners, I channeled my inner Roy Lichtenstein to whip up this super easy polka dot creation. 

For starters, I am by no means a makeup artist! I'm just a creative soul who loves to explore a variety of artistic mediums such as painting, photography, and makeup. With no formal makeup training, I learned to do everything myself or with the aid of Youtube. So while my techniques may not be by the book, I definitely enjoy the process and outcome.

First, I created a classic cat eye shape by applying the first eyeliner in the shade Chaos, which is the vibrant blue hue. The pigmentation of these liners are really incredible, and it doesn't take much to achieve the maximum color payout. The brush tip also makes it really easy to create sharp edges.  

Once the blue layer was finished (which would be an awesome look on its own), I used the next liner in the shade Bump, an opaque white, for the dots.

 Again, the brush tip made it super easy to create crisp dots on such a tiny surface area. 

I just eyeballed the placement of the dots, trying to keep them evenly spaced throughout the blue section. 

Then to finish off the look, I threw on some concealer, faux lashes, and Colourpop lip gloss in Tokyo Tea and... Voila! A super easy look that is perfect for these last few weeks of summer!!!  

Let me know what you think of this look and the step by step format of this post! Feedback is always appreciated! :)